Let Me Introduce Myself

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love books. I remember sitting onTrumpet_of_the_Swan_Cover my mom’s lap as a young child, engrossed in the stories of E.B. White and Dr. Seuss (Trumpet of the Swan was the first book I really remember loving. At this point in my life I think I may have been influenced to go to college in Boston just to see the swan boats), among many others. As a young girl, you could always find my with The Babysitter’s Club series. The only fan letter I ever wrote in my life was to Ann M. Martin. My mother told me she used to worry about me because I would read while walking home from elementary school and she just imagined me stepping into the street without looking. My Bat Mitzvah was almost literary themed until I worried about my social status and made it much more generic (big mistake there).

Here are some of the basics that might help understand my world view. I am a woman who grew up in the Philadelphia area. I am Jewish and spent a lot of my childhood around other Jewish people. At college I realized I had somewhat grown up in a bubble and I have been working ever since to correct that as much as possible, understand other people’s points of views that differ from my own and stand up for people less privileged than I. That has led to a love of travel and the study of history and culture which has culminated in my becoming a high school social studies teacher. I have never stopped reading and even now with my busy schedule, I find my best form of stress relief is to read.

I noticed as I got older, not only did I love to read but I also love reading ABOUT books. My TBR pile is verging on 1000 books. I have long since come to peace with the fact that I will probably never finish it in my lifetime, but I don’t want to forget about books that sound interesting and fascinating. I try to diversify my reading because I think sometimes literature is one of the best ways to understand a different culture. I have traveled a lot and always try to read fiction from a country before I go which has also led to enhancement of my trips and a deeper understanding of the culture.

I am also one of those people that can honestly say that certain books have changed my life. This could happen for many reasons but usually they completely change the way I think or have touched me to the core. Because of that deep connection to books, they have become a badge of honor. I display them proudly and either a book or kindle can always be found with me wherever I am. I’m excited to begin this venture and write more about books I love and my reading experience. I hope that you enjoy it too!


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